Full-auto 1000L CIP cleaning system

This machine is mainly composed of water tank, acid tank, alkali tank, centrifugal pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, all kinds of valves (butterfly valve, electric
Magnetic valve, check valve, etc.), various instruments and production process pipeline system, steam control system, electrical control
System, electrical box, bottom frame and other main components, novel structure, reasonable layout.



It is widely used in industries with high requirements for cleaning, such as daily chemical, biological fermentation, and pharmaceuticals, in order to achieve the effect of sterilizing. According to the process condition, single tank type, double tanks type. separate body type can be chosen. Smart type and manual type are also optional.

Working Principle

Performances And Features

1. Economic operation, low cost, compact structure, small area, simple installation and maintenance.

2. Processed in confined equipment (tank containers and pipeline) and thus greatly reducing the chance of secondary contamination.

3. It can clean several district at the same times and clean during the production process. Thus greatly reduced the production time of the CIP cleaning.

4. It can automatically switch process parameters and adjust cleaning time, PH, temperature and other parameters. Especially the automatic CIP can automatically detect, plus liquid, emissions, display and adjust to cleaning fluid. It is more in line with sanitary requirement and production environment demand of modern large-scale fluid drugs and food processing because its reliable operation, high automation, simple operation and good cleaning effect.

5. Factory direct supply cip systems divided into one-piece type, dual tanks and multi tanks.

Relevant Machines

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Company Profile

With the solid backing of jiang su Province gao you city Xinlang Light
Industry Machinery & Equipment Factory, under the support of German design center and national light industry and daily chemicals research institute, and regarding senior engineers and experts as the technological core, Guangzhou SINAEKAT chemical Machinery Co, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various types of cosmetic machinery and equjpment and has become a brand enterprise in the daily chemical machinery industry. The products are applied in such industries as. cosmetics, medicine, foodchemical industry, electronics, etc., serving many nationally and internationally famous enterprises suchas Guangzhou Houdy Group, Bawang Group, Shenzhen Lanting Technology Co., ltd, Liangmianzhen GroupZhoneshan Perfect, Zhoneshan Jial, Guanedone Yanor, Guanedone Lafane. Beine Dabao, Japan Shiseidokorea charmzone, France shiting, Usa JB, etc.


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Our Advantage

With many years of experience in domestic and international installation, SINAEKATO has successively undertaken the integral installation of hundreds of large-sized projects.

Our company provides internationally top-ranking professional project installation experience and management experience.

Our after-sales service personnel have practical experience in equipment use and maintenance and receive systemic trainings.

We are sincerely providing customers from home and abroad with machinery & equipment, cosmetic raw materials, packing materials, technical consultation and other service.


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Ms Jessie Ji
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