SinaEkato SME-50L vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine (PLC Control)



Daily cosmetic

hair conditioner facial mask moisturizing lotion suncream
skin care shea butter body lotion sunscreen cream
cream hair cream cosmetic paste BB Cream
lotion face wash liquid mascara foundation
hair color face cream eye serum hair gel
hair dye lip balm serum lip gloss
emulsion lipstick highly viscous product shampoo
cosmetic toner hand cream shaving cream moisturizing cream

Food & Pharmaceutical

cheese milk butter ointment ketchup
mustard peanut butter mayonnaise wasabi
toothpaste margarine Salad dressing sauce


Performances And Features

1. 1. Homogenizing head: used to homogenize and emulsify materials to produce strong centrifugal and shear forces.

2. Two-way  wall scraping mixing system:This feature facilitates uniform mixing and scraping of the vessel walls, resulting in a consistent and high-quality product.

3. Three-Layer Stainless Steel coiler Pot Body: The robust construction of the mixer’s pot body ensures durability, while the stainless steel material meets the highest hygiene and safety standards.

4. Water Water cycle Heating System

5. PLCcontrol button control system: used to control the operation of the whole vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, including start and stop, speed adjustment, heating temperature control and other functions. Use PLC touch screen to operate.

6. Hydraulic Lifting System: The hydraulic lifting system allows for effortless adjustment of the mixer’s height, providing convenience and flexibility during operation and maintenance.

7. Water Cooling System: The integrated water cooling system helps maintain the optimal temperature during the mixing process, contributing to the preservation of sensitive ingredients.


Technical Parameter

Items Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
Model SME-50L
Design Capacity 65L
Working Capacity 50L
Specification (L*W*H) unit(mm) 2000*900*2000
Homogenizer Motor Power 3KW
Revolution 0-3000r(min)
Stir Motor Power 1.1KW
Revolution 0-60r(min)
Heat Method Water cycle heating
Note: In case of inconformity of the data in the table due to technical improvement or customization, the real object shall prevail



Product Details

Note: The picture is customized for reference only

Two-way spiral belt mixing system

Cover Element

The use of hydraulic lifting system and main pot dumping system can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the workload of manual operation


Control part

(PLC control)

The emulsifier’s product configuration also includes Siemens Motor and Siemens converter components. These brands are well-known for their high-quality electrical and mechanical components that enhance the overall performance and longevity of the machine.

Schneider Electric is responsible for the electrical control of the emulsifier, ensuring reliable and safe operation. The Delta components further enhance the efficiency and performance of the electrical system.

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Company Profile

With the solid backing of jiang su Province gao you city Xinlang Light
Industry Machinery & Equipment Factory, under the support of German design center and national light industry and daily chemicals research institute, and regarding senior engineers and experts as the technological core, Guangzhou SINAEKAT chemical Machinery Co, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various types of cosmetic machinery and equjpment and has become a brand enterprise in the daily chemical machinery industry. The products are applied in such industries as. cosmetics, medicine, foodchemical industry, electronics, etc., serving many nationally and internationally famous enterprises suchas Guangzhou Houdy Group, Bawang Group, Shenzhen Lanting Technology Co., ltd, Liangmianzhen GroupZhoneshan Perfect, Zhoneshan Jial, Guanedone Yanor, Guanedone Lafane. Beine Dabao, Japan Shiseidokorea charmzone, France shiting, Usa JB, etc.


Workshop Production

Our Advantage

With many years of experience in domestic and international installation, SINAEKATO has successively undertaken the integral installation of hundreds of large-sized projects.

Our company provides internationally top-ranking professional project installation experience and management experience.

Our after-sales service personnel have practical experience in equipment use and maintenance and receive systemic trainings.

We are sincerely providing customers from home and abroad with machinery & equipment, cosmetic raw materials, packing materials, technical consultation and other service.


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Packing and Shipping

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Ms Jessie Ji
Mobile/what’s app/wechat: +86 13660738457
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